Starting over...5, 4, 3, 2, 1

So I've had this blog for some time and TBT I'm not exactly happy with the direction that it has taken. Something that I wanted for so long and actually enjoyed doing I somehow found a way to turn it into something that was painful to do.

My one and only major mistake was comparing myself to other blogs instead of blogging for the fun and love of it. I wanted followers who commented and tons of views, so what did I do practically turn my blog into so a virtual ad site for books. Now don't get me wrong I love to read and everything, but at the same time I would prefer real content. Obviously that was my own down fall, but I wanted so attention.  After months of that I started to feel some kind of way. I was actually over the whole blogging thing.

In my mind the only to fix this is to start over. Not ground up over because I want to see where I started so that I don't find myself back in that same shape again. With this new start I changed my name because I wanted this to reflect me, my thoughts, and ideas. Of course being who I am I didn't draft up some blueprint of how things are going to go, what I will say is that from here on out I will not only do the occasional book review, but I will also add real content related to me and my life.

So here's to a fresh start at posting some of the conversations that I play in my head.