Something Reckless (Reckless & Real #1) by Lexi Ryan

Something Reckless - Lexi Ryan
Series: Reckless & Real #1
Published December 22nd 2014 by Lexi Ryan
Kindle pgs: 343 

Lexi Ryan has truly done it again. Not that I had any doubt in my mind that this was going to be the case. Everything she writes has keeps me smiling like an idiot. Something Reckless is book one of the three part series of Reckless & Real, I feel the need to mention that this series doesn’t feel like its long enough.

Frustrated with her love life or lack there of Lizzy decides to join a new online dating with hopes of finding that one.  Soon becoming Tink24, everyone on this site is anonymous so she feels safe letting her guard down. It doesn’t take long for Riverrat69 not only catch, but also maintain her attention. I’m sure the fact that his dirty and sexy words reminds her of the one she wants badly, Sam. The whole thing was one big mind f**k. I even questioned why won’t he just tell her who he really is.

Nothing is ever what it especially when Lizzy and Sam are involved. They spend so much of their time denying their feelings for each, which keeps things more than interesting. Like myself Lizzy is keeps trying to figure out the mystery that has been heating up her keyboard everyday. It was completely mind blowing once every come full circle and then I was left with a flipping cliffhanger. Whyyyyyy Ms Ryan do you not like me, but I have high hopes that time will fly and I will have Something Real in my hands in no time.

Blog Tour New Year in Manhattan (The Empire State Trilogy #3) by Louise Bay - Book Review

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New Year in Manhattan - Louise Bay
Series: The Empire State #3
Published January 13th 2015
Kindle pgs: 128

New Year in Manhattan is not only the conclusion of Anna’s and Ethan’s love story, but a bittersweet way to end things. Things begins right where they ended Autumn in London, Anna finds herself in the airport hoping Ethan rethinks his return to New York. Sadly that is not how things go, fortunately these two decided to make a long distance relationship work. Of course with all distance these two realize they can’t live without each other that’s when plans and ideas are made to bring these two closer.

I find it hard to believe that this is the last of this series. I definitely believe these two have much to work out. While New Year in Manhattan is virtually drama free, all of the disputes were their own doing by not communicating with each other. Anna was always second guessing things and her lack of filter made her unbearable at times. I wish Ethan would have applied is no BS rule more often. I mean if you’re feeling some type of way about a situation that affects your love life you should say something not hold your tongue and definitely don’t pout when things don’t go your way.

The ending seem a bit rush. It seemed way too convenient the way everything fell in place.Although Anna and Ethan have their HEA, I don’t think they're truly ready for it. New Year in Manhattan is a must read that’s both sexy and sweet. I hope Ms Bay decides to add more to Anna and Ethan’s story maybe a cute novella so catch us up on their lives.

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Release Oct.21,2014
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Released December 2, 2014

I write sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind I like to read. My books Faithful and Hopeful are stand-alone novels although there are some overlapping characters. The Empire State Series of novellas starts with A Week in New York.
Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, I love all things romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so I'll settle for books and films.
I love the rain, the West Wing, London, days when you don't have to wear make-up, being alone, being with friends, elephants and champagne.
Hearing from readers is the best thing in the world so get in touch!

Fitness Friday #2

So this week felt like a complete bust, I mean I’m even late getting this post up. My morning was NOT done AT ALL, but I did add my challenges to my evening workout that I did get end except for 2 days ( Friday b/c our water heater went out and I DID NOT want to take a cold shower, Saturday is hair day and that’s a beast all in it self ). Today, Sunday I did get my morning routine in before finishing my hair it felt so good to get in. This week will be my last week with Level 2 of 30 day shred, while I’m getting better at the workout I still have to pause every so often and catch my breathe. I also take my time with the lunges b/c my knees suck, but that’s been my life story, I really should have a doctor check them out butttttt I’m not at that point yet.

So the scale has not moved at all this week, but my measurements did a little drum roll pls ….

Chest 38’
Arms: L 12 / R 12
Waist 39.5
Hips 39.5
Thighs L 20 / R 20
Calves L 14 / R 14

With that I've lost ½ inches in my waist, hips, thighs ...not bad I think. Over I do honestly feel good about myself. Not to mention I've already said that this is NOT going to be about the scale and I currently do not have a desired weight. I just want to feel good in the skin I’m in.

we heart it
we heart it

Fitness Friday #1

My epiphany to start this journey did NOT start because the New Year was just around the corner, its actually been a plan with not much motion for awhile. Finally I decided I just needed to do it and as I navigate I would workout the kinks. So I could from a long family history of obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and other things that are more likely cause by poor lifestyles. Being honest I don’t want that to be my life, especially when I have the power to do something about to prevent it. My current situation is to not look at any scale victory, but more so challenge myself to keep moving and stay motivated to keep moving.

So what’s my plan is to get fit in my living room using youtube and pinterest for my workouts. I have 4 kids ( ages 16, 11, 10 & 7 ) and let not me not forget my hubby and the dog that keeps me busy and truthfully a gym membership is NOT in the budget. So working out at home works perfect for me. After the coercion of a co-worker I decided to give 30 day shred a try which is currently free on youtube. Only 20mins but it kicks butt. Since I haven’t workout since forever I did level 1 for about 3 weeks and without even really trying I not only gained some confidence but I also lost about 10 lbs. Woohoo! I was doing my happy dance. Shortly after the holidays came around and the flu plague almost took out my entire household.

After looking at a few weight loss / fitness journeys I’m slowly coming up with a plan of just keeping track of what I’m doing so when I look back I can see where I was and how far I came.
So for the month of January my plan is the do 30 Day Shred Level 2 and Level 3 2 weeks each. I do realize that not how the workout is setup but I don’t care and I still have to pause for a sec or 2 when doing it.I don’t have a certain weight goal in mind I just want to be a healthier me and be comfortable in my own skin. Sooo since the scale will NOT be my tracker tool(not to say that I won’t step on the scale at some point, its just not my main focus) I will be taking my measurements and progress photos (when I’m brave enough I’ll post) to monitor my progress before starting Level 2 I took my measurement which are as follows

Chest 38
Arms L: 12 R: 12
Waist: 40
Hips : 40
Thighs: L 20.5 R 20.5
Calves: L: 14 R: 14
Height: 5’5 Weight 187 lbs

Outside of doing 30 shred, I’m challenging myself to doing a a few 30 day challenges as my morning routine which has been helping me maintain energy throughout my day which is as follows
7 minute HIIT workout 50 sec on 10 secs rest
(jumping jumps) - I HATE doing these
mountain climbers (modified)
burpees (modified)
jumping jacks (not sure why I decided to do these twice)

afterwards I follow up with Blogilates Ab challenge, Popsugar Fitness squat challenge, Shrinking Jeans push up challenge, add a light stretch and I’m good. This whole routine takes about 15- 20 minutes and I’m convinced it helps keep me focused for a good part of my day. Here’s to a healthier me.