Welcome to my blog! Here's a few cliff notes regarding me

  •  L.O.V.E to read
  • I'm a mother of 5 ( 2 girls and 3 boys ...I should mention one of my boys have 4 legs, a tail, 1 blue,1 brown eye,weighs about 76lbs and listens to me as much as the human children.
  • I am the  wife of a very awesome man.
  • I am the younger sister that sometimes acts like the older sister
  •  My love for reading is often pushed on to my children which may or may not go well at times.
  • My all time favorite author is Judy Blume
  • I secretly have a thing for the British...SN going there is also on my bucket list
  • I love clocking out on the real world to get over involved with the fictional world.
  • Did I mention my love to read. I'm not exactly dedicated to only one genre, currently I'm enjoying Romance of all varieties.

 I started this blog for fun to keep track of the books I've read, and also to share my thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately, I don't know many people that enjoy to read as much as I do and  I my husband can only endure so many much of my book reviews.

I don't know if this blog will be become popular and I don't want to over think it. I've already spent sooo much working on getting this blog up and running.

So for now my mantra for this blog .......... JUST READ..WRITE...and HAVE FUN

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