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Sawyer Bennett - Wicked Need 
Release Date: April 19, 2016
Series: (The Wicked Horse Series Book #3)
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About the Book

Rand Bishop’s dreams of Olympic gold were shattered years ago but he’s left that all behind, settling into a new career and lifestyle that would make any man jealous. While he may not be competitively racing down the ski slopes anymore, he’s just as happy getting his rocks off as a Fantasy Maker for The Silo. 

He’s good at what he does.
Damn good.

But while life couldn’t be better for Rand, it seems to be falling apart for Catherine Lyons Vaughn, the dark haired, brown-eyed beauty that has captivated an entire sex club.

Having spent years degrading herself on her husband’s whim and now left destitute after his death, Catherine has hit rock bottom. With nothing but her body to peddle, Catherine is merely trying to figure out how to survive in a harsh, cruel world. Lucky for her, Rand has taken her under his tattooed wing, and he’s determined to give her a safe life where she can be the woman she was always meant to be.

Now all Catherine has to do is believe she deserves the chance.

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It's no secret Ms. Bennett has to be my favorite author its just something about her work that I am able to sit down and not get up until the last page and I LOVE IT. We’re back at the Wicked Horse for a third go and it makes me want more. While I was so hoping I would get Bridger’s story all is forgiven because Rand is so adorable in a hot way.

Could it be that previously while I did not give Rand a second thought when he first came on the scene just may be my favorite. He could definitely be upgrade to a book boyfriend, I;m still letting it all soak in.Not only is he a fantasy maker, but athletic and sweet and vulnerable and I could just go on.

Shortly after the death of her extremely wealthy husband Cat finds herself broke and living out of her car. Much like Rand I don’t believe l ever gave Cat a second thought when she would participate in the Silo I’m not sure why. Cat has had a tough break starting with her childhood and throughout her marriage, her mother was neglectful and her husband was a vile man.

The night Rand invited Cat back to his place ( not for any kinky reason) when he found her sleeping in her car I did not expect the turn things took. The relationship between Cat and Rand didn’t feel rushed or false. Much like the real world it was complicated and had many layers to get to get through. Of course there were obstacles at times that included themselves, but Wicked Need would not be the passionate drama that it was if all of those things were missing.

After reading the epilogue I’m convinced I may hand to sit on my hands a while longer for Bridger’s story, but that’s ok I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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About the Author

Since the release of her debut contemporary romance novel, Off Sides, in January 2013, Sawyer Bennett has released more than 30 books and has been featured on both the USA Today and New York Times bestseller lists on multiple occasions. 

A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

Sawyer likes her Bloody Mary’s strong, her martinis dirty, and her heroes a combination of the two. When not bringing fictional romance to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to a very active toddler, as well as full-time servant to two adorably naughty dogs. She believes in the good of others, and that a bad day can be cured with a great work-out, cake, or a combination of the two.

Connect with Sawyer:
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Release Day Blitz: Laura Kaya - Ride Hard

The first book in Laura Kaye's hot new Raven Riders Motorcycle Club series
RIDE HARD - RWB banner
RIDE HARD, is finally here! RIDE HARD is about a new kind of MC with a protective mission. You might’ve first met the Ravens in the Hard Ink world, but this series stands on its own and is even sexier, edgier, and grittier! So read on for a taste and grab your copy of the first book in this sexy new series!

RIDE HARD - cover
About Ride Hard (Raven Riders #1):
Brotherhood. Club. Family.
They live and ride by their own rules.
These are the Raven Riders…
Raven Riders Motorcycle Club President Dare Kenyon rides hard and values loyalty above all else. He’ll do anything to protect the brotherhood of bikers—the only family he’s got—as well as those who can’t defend themselves. So when mistrustful Haven Randall lands on the club’s doorstep scared that she’s being hunted, Dare takes her in, swears to keep her safe, and pushes to learn the secrets overshadowing her pretty smile.
Haven fled from years of abuse at the hands of her criminal father and is suspicious of any man’s promises, including those of the darkly sexy and overwhelmingly intense Ravens’ leader. But as the powerful attraction between them flares to life, Dare pushes her boundaries and tempts her to want things she never thought she could.
The past never dies without a fight, but Dare Kenyon’s never backed down before…

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Nervous excitement rippled through Haven’s belly as she approached Dare. His brow was furrowed and his eyes were narrowed, his whole expression painted with an intensity she couldn’t read. But, oh my God, did he look hot sitting on that bike. Strong thighs straddled the motorcycle. Lean, cut arms stretched to the handlebars. Long hair all blown back from his face.

Wild. Hard. Raw.

As excited as she’d been to ride with Jeb, she was about a million times more ecstatic to ride with Dare. After last night, arousal flowed lazily through her just to look at him. So getting to be so close to him when she wasn’t sure that would happen again? She couldn’t have been happier.

“Okay,” she said, slipping the helmet back on. Dare wasn’t wearing one, and Jeb hadn’t either. Weren’t they supposed to wear helmets? Wasn’t it dangerous not to? But his face was wearing that serious, shuttered look he sometimes got, the one that wasn’t much open to answering questions, so Haven didn’t ask.

He gave her a hand on, and then she had no choice but to wrap her thighs around the outside of his and press her front against his back. She rested her hands lightly on his hips, suddenly feeling awkward about holding on to him the way she’d done so innocently with Jeb. She was probably way overthinking it, but what had felt easy with Jeb felt more weighted, more significant with Dare.

“You ready?” he asked over his shoulder.

“As I’ll ever be,” she said.

Dare pulled her hands around him, making her embrace his chest. Their closeness shot butterflies through Haven, because he felt so good in her arms. “Hold on to me, Haven,” he said, beckoning even more butterflies. And then he took off, slowly at first, like Jeb had done.

She couldn’t believe she was touching Dare this way, but between their closeness, his hard heat, and the ride, Haven was grinning into her helmet. They rode down the mountain at an easy pace, Dare leaning them gently into the curves.

Haven loved the openness of the ride, the way the warm air rushed over her skin. It made her feel like she was flying, like she could go anywhere, like she was free. When the road flattened out into a straightaway, they passed a big parking lot and stadium—the racetrack she’d heard people talking about. A huge mural filled one whole exterior wall—the words Green ValleyRacing painted in green over a waving black-and-white checkered flag. She’d never seen a car race in person, but she would love to. Maybe that was another thing for her list.

And, oh man, the fact that she got to check another item off after having done it with Dare absolutely tickled her. Which made her wonder again why Dare had come after her and Jeb.
RIDE HARD - RWB Teaser 1 
I need Haven.

His words came back to her, making no more sense now than they had when he’d said them. What did that even mean? What did he need her for? Did it have anything to do with what happened last night? Haven didn’t know whether to be excited about that possibility or scared—after all, Cora had said he’d seemed agitated. What if whatever had agitated him was why he wanted to talk?

Her shoulders sagged at the thought.

They came to a stop sign at the edge of the racetrack’s long driveway, and Dare looked over his shoulder at her. “Wanna take it fast or slow? Your call.”

Something in his eyes made her belly flip. “Fast,” she said.

The corner of his eye crinkled. “Was hoping you’d say that. Hold on tight.”

Ride Hard - bonus stry graphic

Get a FREE bonus story from Laura’s Hearts in Darkness world for buying RIDE HARD before April 30!

About the Author

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink and upcoming Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

Raven Riders - Series banner

Don’t forget you can grab HARD AS STEEL, a Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover Novella out now and pre-order RIDE ROUGH, book 2 in the Raven Riders Series (out April 25, 2017)!

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Release Blitz : Jennifer Foor Moth

Jennifer Foor - Moth 

Release Date :April 2016


About the Book

After his stepbrother is found murdered following a drug deal gone wrong, DEA agent Timothy (MOTH) Douglas goes undercover to take down the people responsible.

Posing as a college student, he sets out to learn more about his estranged younger sibling, infiltrating his circle of friends to further help the investigation.

The moment he meets Windy Lewis he knows she holds the answers.MOTH pretends to be interested in the mysterious woman, only to fall victim to his own desires. For the first time in his career his personal feelings take him down a road he may never come back from.

When MOTH gets in too deep he will have to make a choice.
Justice or Love.



About the Author

A Maryland native who spends most of her time devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.

She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.


Camellia Hart's Chasing Eva Blitz

Chasing Eva
Camellia Hart
(In Light of Shadows #1)
Publication date: April 5th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Author Camellia Hart’s debut contemporary romance novel about a man and a woman whose lives are about to get sizzling hot…
After living through her share of disloyal relationships, Evangeline Avery will be damned if she lets another man cheat her. A beautiful and confident woman, Eva is the owner of an interior design firm at the brink of collapse. She swears to bring her company back to its past glory, even if it involves sweet talking the one man who caused this turmoil in the first place – Clive Stanton.
Notorious playboy Clive Stanton is a powerful businessman and a formidable enemy of many. He doesn’t do love, or at least not until he meets her again, fifteen years after he saw her last. Eva, his crush from teenage years, the one that got away, is back in his world and he is determined to do anything to make her his.
Will passion and lust bring them together or conflict and the unforgettable scars from their pasts forever tear them apart?

Read Chapter 1:
Downtown San Francisco
“You look happy.”
Eva’s gaze darted to the tabloid vendor standing by her side. Despite the numerous times her best friend, Izzy, made her and her other best friend, Ali, visit the book stand outside of the subway station in the past two months, this was the first time the vendor had spoken to Eva. Maybe because she hadn’t been his ideal customer—tabloid obsession was Izzy’s thing.
“He’s one lucky guy.” The vendor smiled.
Her eyes widened. Was it that evident she’d been thinking about Daniel? She wasn’t sure how to respond to his remark. And to her relief, the vendor reverted his attention back to Izzy.
Daniel Neeson. The six foot two, blond, blue-eyed, investment banker she’d recently met at a birthday party for a common friend. Daniel seemed witty, charming and confident. She liked confidence. It would be their first date tonight. It would also be her first date in more than a year, since saying goodbye to her ex, Jake, the cheater.
Although she’d looked forward to meeting Daniel again, emotional scars from her past relationship still haunted her heart. Her palms turned clammy, she’d never felt this nervous about a date before.
She’d set an alarm on her phone to leave from work on time; she’d laid out a little black dress along with other accessories on her bed; she’d also brushed up on her list of things she liked to do so she’d have something to talk about. Maybe she should rehearse that list one more time? She ran through it silently. And as she did, she realized the general theme of the things she liked to do all somehow concluded in loathing Jake.
One: running, as in away from Jake.
Two: hanging out with her friends, as in to forget Jake.
Three: cooking, as in to poison Jake.
She cringed. How did her thoughts get so morbid? Moreover, where had her insecurities around dating stemmed from? Had Jake’s betrayal been entirely to blame or was it also because she could never forgive her father for cheating on her mother?
“This one just came in, and it’s selling out fast.” The vendor’s voice brought her back to the present.
“And that’s the one she wants, right Izzy?” Ali hurried Izzy with an impatient glare.
“Yes, this is the one I want,” Izzy said. Without letting her eyes wander off the cover, she handed over a few bills and thanked the vendor.
“I can’t believe you get paid to read this junk,” Eva said as they walked into their office building.
“I’m with Eva on that. Is this weekly ritual of yours really necessary to be a good fashion editor?”
“This one’s not for work ladies, it’s for pleasure.” Izzy pointed to the magazine cover.
“Holy smokes…he’s hot!” Ali ogled at the picture of a drop dead gorgeous man, sun bathing on a beach. In the nude.
The picture showed everything, from his unruly hair, to his strong chiseled jaw, to the toned muscles in his arms; his broad chest dusted with just the right amount of hair, his six-pack abs and his long legs. And that line of fuzz that tapered from his navel down to his—blurry round circle?

“Who’s that?” Based on his looks, the guy was a model, or an actor, or maybe even an athlete.
“Seriously?” Izzy glared at her. “He’s the owner of Stanton Enterprises.”
“No way. That’s Clive Stanton? The Clive Stanton?”
“Yes. The Clive Stanton. They have an office here, top floor. And he owns this building and the one next to it. How can you not know Clive Stanton?”

“Well, I know the name. We’ve worked with the Stantons for years. I met Clive’s father once, but…” Eva glanced back to the magazine cover. “I’ve never actually met Clive.” She should look him up on the Internet later. Because it was good to know all about one’s clients. She had no other intention whatsoever.
“Shouldn’t he be in Time Magazine or Forbes and not some junky magazine?” Ali asked.
She had a good point. Stanton Enterprises owned several businesses, from spas to night clubs, restaurants to charities and much more. It was unusual to see a man of his standing making an appearance in a weekly gossip journal.
“Well, that’s because he’s with Silvia. She’s the Sports Illustrated cover this season.” Izzy referred to the beautiful woman lying next to Clive in the picture. “He’s been linked with several elite models in the past. He’s quite the mix, you know, billionaire, philanthropist, and playboy.”
Eva trusted Izzy’s knowledge on these matters. As the editor of In Trend magazine, Izzy always had all the dirt on the celebrity circles.

The way Izzy said that word, playboy, churned Eva’s insides. She didn’t like playboys just as much as she didn’t like cheaters. And now, she didn’t like Clive. Yet, she glanced back at the magazine cover, and imagined herself next to him on the beach in place of the super-hot blonde. She’d never get tired of looking at this man. The sex would be mind-blowing. No harm in fantasizing, right?
“Isn’t he delicious?” Izzy sighed as the elevator doors opened.
They stilled. And they stared.
There he was, the tabloid hottie, clothed in a dark gray suit, a crisp, white shirt with the top few buttons undone, hair ruffled, and looking straight at them from inside the elevator car.
He glanced at the magazine in Izzy’s hand and a slow, sexy grin appeared on his handsome face. Eva grew weak in her knees.
He looked at them one by one, first at Izzy, then at Ali and then his gaze met hers and lingered. The unexpected attention from the man she had only moments ago been fantasizing about made her tense. A thrill of attraction zinged all over her as his gaze traveled her length. She almost forgot to breathe, as the same way she almost forgot he was a playboy. And she most definitely forgot Daniel.
Her brain commanded her to get into the car, but the rest of her body stayed still. She worried her lower lip with her teeth, hoping the pain would shake her awake. Could he possibly know what she had been thinking right then? His lips curled into an alluring smile. Evidently he did. She swallowed hard, but managed to smile back.
“Ahem.” A harsh wake-up-call came from one of the many others waiting to get past them and into the elevator.
Izzy shoved the magazine into her leather tote as they hurried in. Eva turned her back to Clive as soon as possible, but as the crowd shuffled in, she had no choice except to move toward him. She took a step backward, then another…and by the time the car was full, she stood pressed close to him. His breath fanned her hair and he smelled of something fresh and divinely male.
Ali shot Eva a sideways glance. Her expression was one of contained amusement, and brought Eva back to the hilarity of the moment. After what felt like eternity, the doors opened and Eva, Izzy, and Ali rushed out. And as soon as the doors closed they burst out into laughter.
“Oh. My. God. What were the chances of that happening?” Izzy pressed her hand to her chest, clearly flustered by the unlikely encounter.
“Right? And Eva, he was totally checking you out,” Ali said.
“He so was,” Izzy chimed in.
A quick shiver zipped up Eva’s spine as she was still energized from Clive’s silent attention. But remembering Izzy’s opinion of him raised an immediate red flag she wouldn’t ignore. Moreover, this had been the first time she’d seen him in the two months she’d worked in the building. A fluke. She doubted she would see him again anytime soon.
“Whatever, not interested.”
“Not interested?” Izzy looked shocked. “Do you know how many women want him to look at them the way he did at you?”
“Uh-huh. And how many women has he already looked at, the way he did at me?”
“Well…there’s that,” Izzy said.
“So yes, not interested. But, for the record, he is…wow.” They giggled.
After a moment of composure they said their goodbyes, and they each walked to their respective offices.
“Morning, Tina,” Eva greeted.
“Miss Avery, good morning,” Eva’s secretary greeted back, her voice chirpy and upbeat. The young woman followed her into Eva’s spacious office.
“Any messages for me yet?” Eva shed her coat, hung it on the rack, and walked to her desk.
“Yes, Mr. Avery stopped by. He wants to see you as soon as possible.”
It had been two months since Eva had taken over her late-father’s business. If not forced by his will, never in a million years would she have agreed to be the sole owner of S. F. Designs. After all, she was trained to be a Chef, not a CEO, and had no experience leading a company. None especially in leading one of the top Interior Design firms in the nation.
After graduating from culinary school, Eva had spent several years committed to grueling hours of work as she climbed up the chef ladder. And then finally, about a year ago, she’d been made the Executive Chef at a starred restaurant— a title she had worked hard to achieve and that made her, and her father too, quite proud. She’d been so close to making her long-aspired dream a reality. A vision to own a restaurant, one that would gain critical acclaim by delighting with food set precisely in place, like artwork.
Yet here she was at S. F. Designs, following a path she had never wanted to pursue, in a field in which she had no experience, shelving her creativity for a future day that may or may not come her way. Why? Because of that last, unforgettable conversation she’d had with her father.
Only after his death had those few moments she’d spent with him come to mean so much to her. The ambience of the coffee shop, the aroma, what her father had worn that day, his every gesture, every grimace, every word…all now ingrained in her mind forever.
“I’ve put you down in my will as the next owner of the company.”
“What? Why?”
“Why not?”
She laughed. He didn’t. Was he serious? “You’re not kidding.”
“Dave will train you in no time.”
She laughed again. This had to be a joke. “Why? Are you going somewhere?”
“So you’re willing to take over then?”
“I’m neither willing, nor ready, nor even remotely capable of working in any other business that isn’t in the food-industry. I’m a chef, Dad. I want to own a restaurant some day. That’s what I want to do. Not run an interior design firm.”
“Why? Is it because I was a bad father? Because I was never around?”
“Oh, c’mon. This is emotional blackmail.”
“Is it? Did you not choose a career path completely different from mine because you imagine that means you won’t have to live the life I’ve lived? Yes, I was consumed by work. But I did it all for you, damn it. For your brother. For your mother.”
“I know that. We know that. You’re wonderful, you always were.”
“Then don’t refuse this, Evie. You’re perfect for this role. No one else can lead this company like you can. In only a matter of months you’ll be as good, maybe even better at this job than I ever was. This company needs a fighter, this company needs you.”
“I…” She shook her head, “I’m sorry…I-I can’t…I just can’t. Why won’t you let Uncle Dave take over?”
“He’s excellent, no doubt. But he’s not you, he can never be what you can to this company.”
His explanation and insistence made no sense to her then; it made no sense to her now. Whatever the reason behind him choosing her to lead the company after him, she might never know. But she loved her father and missed him terribly. S. F. Designs had been a huge part of his life and was all that was left of him. She couldn’t forgo his last wishes, she couldn’t let him down.
Eva sighed, set her bag on her desk, and walked over to find out why Uncle Dave wanted to see her so urgently.
“Hey,” she greeted her uncle as she walked into his attractive corner office. Uncle Dave sat behind a large, mahogany desk. The silver in his hair shined in the morning sun that gleamed through the huge windows. A familiar expression of affection lit up his face, but quickly reverted back to contagious worry. Her stomach tightened. “Is everything OK?”
“I’m not sure.” He handed her a paper marked with the Stanton Enterprises logo.
She scanned through the document, rushing to find the words that might explain his discomfort.
…We cherish our unwavering partnership…blah, blah, blah…we regret to inform you that we are terminating our contract with S. F Designs… Thank you for your exceptional service…
“But why?” Confused, she looked at her uncle.
“They don’t say.”
She brought her gaze back to the paper she held in her now shaky hand. Her father had launched S. F. Designs the same year she was born. Through the years, the company had progressed from a meager garage start-up into a high-end corporation. She thought back to the day the company set up shop on this thirty-seventh floor. She’d only been five years old then; cars and people had looked like moving toys from the windows of her father’s office.
Several years later, her dad had met Clive’s father, then owner of Stanton Enterprises. Sharing similar stories of struggles in the initial years of their businesses, they took an immediate liking to each other. Their companies had been in partnership ever since.
Her father had a contract to design all of Stanton’s spas. The tone of the contract was informal, allowing each company the freedom to terminate at any time without any legally binding implications.
Stanton Enterprises had benefitted hugely from this partnership. Their Spa interiors, designed by her father’s firm, provided unparalleled tranquility and privacy, and had become hot spots for celebrities.
The partnership had positively propelled her father’s firm into the public eye. Within a year of designing their first spa, his team had been featured in several magazines for their superior and innovative renderings. Soon his was the number one firm in the state for designing luxurious living.
She’d imagined this streak of good luck would go on forever. Although there had been recent rumors of aggressive changes to Stanton’s business strategy, that they would end their partnership with S. F. Designs had never crossed her mind.
It wasn’t even nine in the morning. How could things have gone so wrong already?
Stanton Enterprises was the fifth company pushing to sever ties with them this month. Her firm had committed to providing services to Stanton and only a few other firms for the rest of this year. Unless they were able to find another viable customer, losing this contract would plummet her firm’s projected yearly profits.
Eva called Tina on the intercom and asked to set up an immediate meeting with Bryan Austin, the Director of Design at Stanton.
Her first impression of Bryan Austin had been that of a man who was trying too hard. He was a tall, athletic man with dark hair, each and every strand painstakingly set to perfection. He was relatively young-looking for a corporate executive, and could almost second as an owner of a swanky night club. With that came a moody attitude, his face mostly expressionless and a pre-meditated response of rejection toward any offerings her firm made to Stanton.
Except on one occasion last week, when Eva’s team had suggested Stanton should switch to environmentally friendly options while staying along the lines of their signature designs.
Eva liked the proposal from her team; to her, any concept that benefitted the planet had a nice ring to it. The thought that her firm could be a part of a green world made her feel at peace, as if she were in an organic garden, picking fragrant herbs for her next entrée invention.

To her surprise, at first Bryan was on board with the idea. However, his enthusiasm seemed to have waned within the last two days. His team had returned with a strong no, we’re sticking to tried and tested methods for now response. Eva had further questioned Bryan, but he’d responded with minimal substance and candor, leaving her baffled about this matter more than before. Worry about your own company, Miss Avery. Leave the worrying about Stanton to me.
As she stared at the notice she held, she began to suspect he had known about the contract termination all along. Whatever the reasoning behind his decision to send them the termination letter, convincing him to reverse his decision would be quite a feat. Burdened by a heavy, sinking feeling, she slumped down into the empty chair across from her uncle.
Silence ensued for several long moments as Eva contemplated the repercussions this change would bring upon her firm. And then she heard a slight knock on the door. It was Tina.
“Miss Avery, the earliest the Stanton team can meet is at two o’clock tomorrow.”
Eva sighed. And so it begins, the countdown toward impending war. She took one last look at the letter in her hand. She had a day and a half to prepare for the brunt of the discussions that would follow when she met with Stanton. And she’d be ready. Bring it on.

About the Author
Camellia Hart, a techie turned author of romance, lives in San Francisco with her husband, the love of her life. Other than writing her next romance novel, her hobbies include traveling, lazing on a beach with a good read, watching movies with happy endings while gorging on endless buckets of popcorn, red wine, and champagne truffles.

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Destiny Blake's Legends Release Blitz

Legends by Destiny Blake
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release Date: April 26th 2016


Vampire Legend Sinclair
has a premonition. He dreams of a grand battle between humans and an elite
class, demigods in a contemporary world. Privileged and arrogant, these
“Entitled Ones” plan to hoard natural resources to ensure global longevity for
their families and friends. Everyone else is disposable. 

As the war of wars is set to unfold, Legend
anticipates an uncertain future. He plots against rulers and nations, but soon
devises a way to protect average citizens from the forthcoming agenda of

Siring numerous children, Legend leaves his
North Carolina home only to return for his daughter and sons in the predawn
hours of their eighteenth birthdays. They attend Summer Assembly, a training
ritual that will prepare them for the whispering promise of a coming age
destined to change the course of history. 

Meanwhile, a select few hold fast to yesterday’s
corrupt propaganda, an outline for disaster. With an evil plan for global
evacuation and the extinction of all common men, the Entitled Ones organize
their enforcement of a wicked initiative. But in their defeat, the Legend
family will triumphantly rise as true wonders of the reformed world. 

A legacy from the grave, legends since birth

About that time, a hissing noise filled the room. Everyone looked up and their gasps
resounded. They were on their feet in record time as spiraling smoke twisted
out of the vents and the room temperature hit hell-hot in a matter of seconds.

this door!” Captive jiggled the knob. “Legend! Are you out there?”

slammed his body against their only means of escape. “Let us out of here!”

They all
joined him. Fists pounded in repetition. Everyone pleaded for help.

rushed to the eye-level window on the far wall. Jamming his fists against the
panels, he cried out in agony as he glanced up at the billowing smoke above
them. “Fire.”

you the smart one?” Umbrage ran his palms across the walls. “Hurry. See if we
can find something to trigger a secret passageway.”

watched too many movies,” Captive said.

Gideon and Umbrage tried to find a way out, the air thickened with
chemical-like vapors. They coughed, gagged, and suffered as they choked on fumes.
Orange and red flames surrounded them. The blaze burned hotter.

“Keep your heads down! It’s another test!”
Captive yelled.

In the
middle of a coughing fit, Sin screamed, “Then we’re seconds away from failing!”

up, sister. Even Legend’s games eventually find an end.” Captive stared into
the fire and caught Gideon’s gaze. Perhaps it was then when Captive realized
what Gideon had long since accepted.

The past
few days had been necessary. They were vampires, damned to an eternal existence
on earth but without a soul, their fate was sealed by fire. What they’d seen
and heard, that was what awaited them
if they didn’t follow Legend and save mankind. By saving the world, they spared
themselves as well.

their dad—Legend Sinclair—had shown them was foretelling in a sense, a grand
exhibit of what they would endure if they didn’t survive. It served as
inspiration, motivation to stay alive.

“Help!” Tole hammered his fists against the door
again. Like the others, he had revealed his greatest fear during Summer
Assembly. Legend understood what specific triggers pushed each of them into
panic mode.

Tole faced his greatest demon—fire.

do this!” He gasped, his voice wracked with fear. “I’ll do anything! Just let
me out!” He collided with the door once more, but that door didn’t budge.

hurried to Sin, offering her limited protection, but comfort nonetheless. Diven
and Umbrage reassured Tole while Griffin, Captive, and Saber promised to kill
Legend given the opportunity. The more they threatened harm to the one who had
turned them, the more swirling smoke filled the confined area.

“We were
supposed to be stronger as a group,” Griffin said, coughing between syllables.

much had been drilled in their heads and yet their current circumstances almost
suggested the opposite. No one would gain the upper hand here.

hellish experience lasted several minutes, but it seemed like hours, maybe even
days. There was no escape. They had one choice, an alternative that should’ve
resounded as a simple unanimous decision. Instead, only five Legends emerged
from the fire ready to dance with the fates and embrace their legacy with
complete surrender.

others were left behind.

Copyright ©
2016 Destiny Blake

Excerpt provided for promotional purposes &
pending final approval for publication

About the Author

An avid reader and full-time writer, Destiny Blake enjoys YA paranormal, commercial and literary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and unique fantasy novels. After 15 years of writing for the market, Destiny decided it was time to write what she liked to read. The end goal was to pen stories that readers would love and her grandchildren would later cherish as well.

The author invites all readers to follow her on Twitter @AuthorDestiny and to stay in touch by writing: To help Destiny celebrate the debuts of Legends and Gatekeepers, readers can send their copy and pasted proof of purchase to the email above. Include a snail mail address to receive a promotional product. Please include “Legends & Gatekeepers Proof of Purchase” in the subject line. Offer ends on April 15, 2016. Void where prohibited by law.

Sadie Turner & Colette Freedman's Anomalies Blog Tour

Anomalies Sadie Turner & Colette Freedman

Release Date: February 9th 2016

Genre: YA Sci fi

About the Book

In the future there is no disease. There is no war. There is no discontent. All citizens are complacent members of the Global Governance. But one summer is about to change everything.

Keeva Tee just turned fifteen. All of her dreams are about to come true. She s about to make the trip to Monarch Camp to be imprinted with her intended life partner. One day they ll have perfect kids and a perfect life. But in her happy, carefree life in the Ocean Community, something weighs on her mind. She hears whispers about anomalies citizens who can t be imprinted. No one knows what happens to them, but they never seem to come back.

When Keeva arrives at Monarch Camp, her worst nightmare becomes a reality she is an anomaly. After imprinting, the people she loves change, and she starts to doubt everything she s ever believed. What if freedom and individuality have been sacrificed for security? And what if the man who solves all the problems is the very man who s created them and what if he isn't a man at all?

When Keeva finds a warning carved under a bunk bed she begins to understand: nonconformity will be punished, dissent is not an option, insurgents will be destroyed.

 photo black_zps584f1581.png

What would you give to live in a world free of war. A world no longer plagued with disease and to never know what hunger felt like. A world like that would be something to see. That's the world Keeva lives in, but of course nothing is ever what it seems.

I have to be honest I was a true fan of Keeva she annoyed me at times with her self doubt than the quick 180 I can conquer world all by myself. Her maturity had me questioning how old she actually was and maybe I was reading a flash back. As things progress and she started to witness the world transform before her eyes I started to appreciate her ignorance.

Throughout Anomalies we were given a glimpse into the saw world of Calix, who happens to be the leader of Sabbatical City son. I was somewhat disappointed that he didn't have a larger presence in the story, but what he lacked he made up for by keeping me well intrigued.

Anomalies put me in the mind set if Divergent or something similar. The writing was very detailed and suspenseful which kept me turning the pages. I will admit there were times when the story took the scenic route. The secondary characters added life to the story. I'm convinced a few of them could carry their sub story.

Sadie’s and Colette’s creative minds have honestly created a world that makes you question things and wonder. Like many I will be anxiously awaiting the sequel.

 photo gray3_zps7007b89c.png

About the Authors

SADIE TURNER is a Los Angeles-based producer and writer originally from Brighton, England, who works in business development with several Hollywood entrepreneurs. She has various projects in development, and also teaches yoga. 

COLETTE FREEDMAN is an internationally produced playwright, screenwriter, and novelist who was recently named one of the Dramatist Guild’s “50 to Watch”. Her play Sister Cities (NYTE, 2009) was the hit of the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe and earned five star reviews: It has been produced around the country and internationally, including Paris (Une Ville, Une Soeur) and Rome (Le Quattro Sorelle). She has authored fifteen produced plays including Serial Killer Barbie (Brooklyn Publishers, 2004), First to the Egg (Grand prize shorts urban shorts festival), Bridesmaid # 3 (Louisville finalist 2008), and Ellipses… (Dezart Festival winner 2010), as well as a modern adaptation of Iphigenia in Aulis written in iambic pentameter. She was commissioned to write a modern adaptation of Uncle Vanya which is in preproduction and has co-written, with International bestselling novelist Jackie Collins, the play Jackie Collins Hollywood Lies, which is gearing up for National Tour. In collaboration with The New York Times best selling author Michael Scott, she has just sold the thriller The Thirteen Hallows, to Tor/Macmillan, which comes out Dec 6, 2011. She has just sold the novel The Affair to Kensington and is getting ready to shop her YA series The A+ Girls.

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Mikki Kells Black Jack Blog Tour

Black Jack - Mikki Kells
Release Date: November 20th 2015
Series: The Ace of Hearts #2
Genre: YA Paranormal

About the Book

Melanie S’velare is a survivor, the strongest witch in her coven, and a princess. With the key to her magic, the Ace of Hearts, presumably destroyed, her powers continue to grow. As her power increases, her control on them becomes weaker until it is clear she may be the most powerful witch on the planet and the most dangerous. The Alaman, another coven, concerned by her strength, send an ambassador to gauge her control, stability, and how dangerous she truly is. The Alaman are well known for killing witches who pose a threat to their own powerful hold over the globe and if they see fit to end her life, she will have no choice but to fight.

With her soulmate by her side and the remains of her Vanguard, Melanie strives to maneuver a maze of political scandals designed to make her falter. If she fails, she will not only lose her throne to the traitorous Lord Rossi, but also her life to the fiery Alaman.

Melanie can only pray her secret that the Ace of Hearts is alive and manipulating them all in a final deadly game is never revealed.

Read Chapter 1 Here

About the Author

Mikki Kells is both a writer and a rider. She spends her nights crafting fantastical stories and her afternoons bowing to the demands of her beloved horse. Her interests in fantasy and paranormal subjects developed from a childhood of imaginary exploits and continue to influence her professional career. She resides in central Utah.

J Kenner's Dirtest Secret Blog Tour

Dirtest Secret - J.Kenner
Release date: April 19, 2016
Series:S.I.N #1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, Erotica
Goodreads ✽   Amazon  ✽  B&N 

From the New York Times bestselling author of such “racy, sizzling Stark novels” (RT Book Reviews) as Release Me and Say My Name comes the provocative first Stark International Novel—the beginning of the S.I.N. series.
It was wrong for us to be together, but it was even harder to be apart.
The memory of Dallas Sykes burns inside of me.
Everyone knows him as a notorious playboy, a man for whom women and money are no object. But to me, he’s still the one man I desperately crave—yet the one I can never have.
Dallas knows me better than anyone else. We bear the same scars, the same darkness in our past. I thought I could move on by staying away, but now that we’re drawn together once more, I can’t fight the force of our attraction or the temptation to make him mine.
We’ve tried to maintain control, not letting ourselves give in to desire. And for so long we’ve told ourselves no—but now it’s finally time to say yes.
Dirtiest Secret is intended for mature audiences.

Even by Southampton standards, the party at the nine-thousand-square-foot mansion on Meadow Lane reeked of extravagance.

Grammy Award–winning artists performed on an outdoor stage that had been set up on the lush lawn that flowed from the main house to the tennis courts. Celebrities hobnobbed with models who flirted with Wall Street tycoons who discussed stock prices with tech gurus and old-money academics, all while sampling fine scotch and the season’s chicest gin. Colored lights illuminated the grotto style pool, upon which nude models floated lazily on air mattresses, their bodies used by artisan sushi chefs as presentation platters for epicurean delights.

Each female guest received a Hermès Birkin bag and each male received a limited edition Hublot watch, and the exclamations of delight—from both the men and the women—rivaled the boom of the fireworks that exploded over Shinnecock Bay at precisely ten p.m., perfectly timed to distract the guests from the bustle of the staff switching out the dinner buffet for the spread of desserts, coffee, and liqueurs.

No expense had been spared, no desire or craving or indulgence overlooked. Nothing had been left to chance, and every person in attendance agreed that the party was the Must Attend event of the season, if not of the year. Hell, if not of the decade.

Everyone who was anyone was there, under the stars on the four acre lot on Billionaires’ Row.

Everyone, that is, except the billionaire who was actually hosting the party. And speculation as to where he was, what he was doing, and who he was doing it with ripped through the well-liquored and gossip-hungry crowd like wildfire in a windstorm.

“No idea where he could have disappeared off to, but I’d bet good money he’s not pining away in solitude,” said a reed-thin man with salt-and-pepper hair and an expression that suggested disapproval but was most likely envy.

“I swear I came five times,” a perky blonde announced to her best friend in the kind of stage whisper designed to attract attention. “The man’s a master in bed.”

“He’s got a shrewd head for business, that one,” said a Wall Street trader, “but no sense of propriety where his cock is concerned.”

“Oh, honey, no. He’s not relationship material.” A brunette celebrating a recently inked modeling contract shivered as if reliving a moment of ecstasy. “He’s like fine chocolate. Meant to be savored in very limited quantities. But so damn good when you have it.”

“More power to him if he can grab that much pussy.” A hipster with beard stubble and a man-bun wiped his wire-rimmed glasses clean with his shirttail. “But why the fuck does he have to be so blatant about it?”

“All of my friends have had him.” The petite redhead who pulled in a six figure wife bonus smiled slowly, and the flash of her green eyes suggested that she was the cat and he was the delicious cream. “But I’m the only one of us to enjoy a second helping.”

“All your friends?”

“How much pussy?”

“At least half the women here tonight. Maybe more.”

“Man, don’t even ask that. Just trust me. Dallas Sykes is the King of Fuck. You and me? Mere mortals like us can’t even compare.”

J. Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.
Though known primarily for her award-winning and internationally bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list and #1 internationally, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, "chicklit" suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit.  
JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a "flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations" and by RT Bookclub for having "cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swopn for him." A four time finalist for Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy).