During some "spring cleaning" I found an old journal from my high school days. I'm not sure if I should consider them poems or just things I needed to get off my chest. This journal was my therapy and some days to be honest I wish I still had that same passion for writing. At the time I never wanted anyone to read my words because they were mine and mine alone. So I'm going out on a limb and sharing my past thoughts with whoever eyes they land old and who knows maybe posting this will inspire me to pick up where I left off.


I am just a young lady
I wonder why people won't let me be
I hear the way b***hes speak of me
I see the way n***ahs look at me
I want them to stop lookin at me
I am just a young lady
I pretend that its all about me
I feel people should respect me
I hope to touch people's hearts with my poetry
I worry that I'm misunderstood
I cry when the stress adds up
I am just a young lady
I understand that I can achieve anything
I say life is how you live it
I dream that all this (the finer things in life) could be mine
I try not to let people get the best of me
I hope life starts to get easy
I am just a young lady

I wish I could say how often I will share a past thought, but I'm not sure as of right now. My guess as of now is when the urge for sharing hits me again.

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