Fitness Friday #3

So I kinda feel like I all but gave up on documenting my fitness journey than I realized this is all new to me and I don’t want to make this a job /chore. I want the entire experience to be as enjoyable as possible.

So to recap a few things that last time I checked in was doing the 30 day for the month of January well things did NOT go accordingly. For one I stayed on level 2 for about 3 weeks and didn’t realize it. I finally moved to Level 3 which again it felt like the work out flew by or my body is getting use to moving around. After getting a few days of Level 3 in I was plagued with the “co-worker bird flu”, actually it was a head cold that made my body ache and exercising was the last thing on my mind. I’m still stand by the assumptions that I felt that way because of my adorable work family.

Now that I’m in the month February I’m on a new workout which is Pauline Nordin’s Butt Bible. I originally found this years ago when ExerciseTv was a thing and I've always wanted to do and here’s my chance. According to the Butt Bible calendar is as follows

On the rest/ cardio day I decided to do Level 3 of the 30 day shred so I can take that off my fitness bucket list. On the “Rest” days my “plan” is to do yoga in my mind the extra stretching would make everything that hurts on me feels much better. I complete one week so far and what I have learned thus far is that her voice is very annoying but I like the workout so to fix the problem I just turn the volume of the video down and turn some music on. Yay me. As far as my morning routine for some reason I decided to do Jodi Higgs’s 30 day Abs, Back, Butt Chest, Oblique, Shoulder,& Thigh challenge. Not sure yet what I thinking, b/c now its becoming very intense but it feels good when I’m done. Soooo I’ll just stick with it.

I found out something that I didn't realize before and it was kinda a bummer I wasn't measuring my thighs properly, for some crazy reason I measure 4" above my knee but one day looking in the mirror I notice where my shorts end that part was bigger than where I was measuring. So now I searching multiple videos to make sure I’m measuring correctly.

My ultimate goal is still to feel awesome in my skin and just be overall healthy. So I will only do my measurements and weigh-in once a month I’m thinking on the 1st that sounds official enough.  

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