Fitness Friday #6

I'll admit it's been a bunch of time since my last fitness update. There has been some changes mostly due to me learning and coming into a groove. I NO LONGER workout twice a day, it was too much, too fast and it was the start of me eventually giving up and throwing in the towel. Not to mention I have this thing called a family and I felt like I was neglecting them and it just wasn't working trying to exercise in the afternoon. Just too many moving parts. I still have this love/hate with my morning workout, but I developed the "Get up and get it done" mentality about it. My favorite part of my morning routine is everyone is sleep and I don't have to give anyone any attention during that time its all mine.
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Currently I’m on my last stretch of the Butt Bible work and level 3 is no joke. The trainer, Pauline Nordin, her voice has become less annoying, or maybe its the fact the she is kicking my butt that I don’t notice. With the Butt Bible workout on the cardio /rest days I use my elliptical machine. I think its time to use it for more than a “catch all”. Aside from that I’m doing this 30 day 6 pack Abs  challenge workout by BeFit, of course I found on Youtube, I found a 30 day Beach Body Challenge that I use as part of my warm-up; the second  part of my “warm-up” I alternate between 2 different 7 minute HIIT routines that I found on Love my zero cost workouts.

Unfortunately since I gave up my afternoon work I also gave up doing Blogilates, while her workout kick major butt, which is surprising since she doesn't use any equipment. I have to figure out how to work her back into my life, but next time around I REFUSE to do the estimate hour workout she has for her calendars. I just can’t.

strongest fastest hardest.jpgAlmost forgot the past few weeks a few co-workers signed up at Planet Fitness and with their membership they can bring a guest sooo I've done that a few times. For most of us our home life is all over the place so Fridays after work have been our go to the gym together day. It works out really well since we work a half day and the kids are still in school by time we finish and I get home the bus is pulling up to the house. Since so many of my co-workers have memberships I doubt that I’ll ever get one myself unless my hubby decides he wants to start going ...andddd I think I fibbing. While I like going to the gym and using the machines my at home workout is currently what’s best for me, who knows maybe once I get through all of the workout calendars that I have planned...who knows.

So to get to the good part or maybe not good part. I haven’t exactly lost any weight which sometimes disappoint me, but then I realize that I’m losing inches,  my clothes are now starting to feel loose fit, my energy is getting better, and I’m starting to like what I see in the mirror. Overall I just feel good. So here’s my numbers. Overall I've only a total of 4 inches, but its progression.

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