Book Review: Penetrated On Ponetown - Moxie Darling

Penetrated on Ponetown - Moxie Darling
April 22, 2015
Series: Back Roads #1
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On a mission to bring the love of literacy to impoverished rural children, Clover Willoughby finds herself stranded on a dry, dusty West Virginia back road. Out of gas, out of service, and out of patience, she starts walking. When she stumbles across a quaint cabin in the woods, she's relieved at her good fortune. Her relief turns to trepidation—and anticipation—when the rough, crude mountain man living there offers to assist her . . . for a price. And he's not interested in money.

(Disclaimer: this novella is for adults only. It contains explicit sex scenes, rough sex, ménage situations, sex with strangers, and taboo elements that some might find offensive.)

The first question that came to mind when POP was brought to my attention was “Why does this sound like a bad 70s porn. While I am no stranger to kink and erotic this was different mainly because there was zero romance leading up to the leading up to the sex. It just was what it was. At some point I remember being put in the mindset of the KY commercial that I find not only cute, awkwardly sexy and almost comical.

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Clover finds herself in an unlucky situation when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.She’s lost and has no phone service. Pressing her luck she decides to embark a small journey in search of someone that can help her. After sometime she comes upon a small cabin, upon asking the owner Jim for some assistance he offers her a trade. Gas for ass. Major question is Clover feeling lucky enough to take him up on his offer.

This was a very quick read I actually was able to read it in a short amount of time. My only complaint was that it was a little too short, but it was very entertaining all the same and I like how the story flowed.Will I read Moxie's work again? For sure!!

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