Book Review: Playing with Fire by Lexi Ryan

Playing With Fire - Lexi Ryan
Released: July 7, 2015
Series: Mended Hearts #1
Genre: Contemporary, Romance,NA/Adult,
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Dr. Phoenix Reid isn't who she seems...

Everyone knows a phoenix rises from the ashes. What they don't talk about are the people she drags with her into the fire.

I thought one hot night with Max Hallowell was harmless. I never expected it would force me to face my past or bring back the man who swore he'd never let me go. Now Max wants to help me. Wants to save me. But if I let him, he'll be destroyed. I can already smell the flames.

A woman with a secret past. A man determined to protect her. A dangerous passion that could cost them both everything.

Playing with Fire is the first in a new series of standalone novels featuring the New Hope characters Lexi Ryan fans have come to love. While you wait for Nix and Max's story, explore Love Unbound, the collection of books set in Lexi's New Hope world.
*Note: Each series can be read on its own, but for the chronology purists, the reading order is below.

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Feels good to be back in New Hope and on what seems to be a never ending journey to new love and great beginning. I can’t say it enough, I absolutely infatuated with Lexi Ryan’s writing and the characters that she creates.

Playing with Fire follows Dr. Phoenix “Nix” Reed, who on the outside appears to be one of the few that’s not only confident, but possibly may have herself together as well Of course things are never what they appear to be. Nix has a past that she’s been running from for many years and now that past just may have found her.

While Nix is far from a damsel she just so happens to have “Stallion” better know as Max Hallowell. I’m not sure what it is about Max, but it seems love for him is like finding a leprechaun riding an unicorn. He’s a devoted father and genuinely a guy. I will admit I was never #TeamMax when it came to Hanna, but it doesn’t take away that this guy deserves someone that appreciative of his huge heart.

With all romance there was some drama and much resistance. At times things started to look as if they were going to fall apart beyond repair, but of course this is the small town of New Hope were odds have been beaten before. Only question is will hope prevail for Nix and Max?

As I have mentioned before I very much enjoy Lexi’s writing, her style keeps me fulling enage from the moment I start page 1 up until the very last page. At times her awesome writing causes me to neglect some other things like sleep or skipping out on a workout because I refuse to put my Nook down. Playing with Fire is told with a dual POV (uer New Hope stories, which was actually a pallet cleaners. While Max and Nix’s story was very much romance and erotic, it was also had that edge of your seat suspense. I cannot forget you are not left with a cliffhanger. Yesss!!! I repeat NO CLIFFHANGERS HERE BOYS AND GIRLS, but things are left to open up the for the next title of the Mended Hearts series Holding Her Close, which I will be present for.

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About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Lexi Ryan’s novels have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. A former college professor, she now writes full-time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a neurotic dog. Find her on Facebook or Twitter to chat about books, TV, and her children’s latest antics.

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