Book Review: Wonderlust by B.L. Wilde

Wonderlust - B.L. Wilde
Expected Released: August 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Erotic

Natasha White has always been unlucky in love. The men she falls for only want one thing from her, and it isn’t commitment. When her boss and on/off fling announces his engagement to another woman, she finds herself running from her feelings for him by taking a job as a personal assistant to the legendary rock god, Alex Harbour—half a world away.

Her new boss is sexy, damaged, and insatiable, but Natasha has been a fan since she was a young girl. Conflicted by her emotions, she begins a love/hate relationship with the egotistical rock star.

Alex’s intentions toward her are clear from the moment they meet, but Natasha isn’t about to run from one emotionless connection to another. She is determined to keep her distance from her childhood crush, by any means necessary.

When lust begins to cloud her mind, however, she becomes hell bent on protecting her heart. What good could ever come out of falling for a rock star, anyway?

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Can I just say that I am seriously fangirling right now. I absolutely adored Wonderlust and currently my fingers and toes are crossed hoping for more.

 photo blwilde wonderlust teaser_zpsyzk5hiyo.pngNatasha White is a organised messed. She left her current job because of an emotional attachment to her boss. Needing the space to clear her head and get her life back in some type of order. As fate would have it she’s offered the position of a lifetime working as a PA for her rock star crush Alex Harbour.

Before the star struck feeling even set in Natasha soon learns that her new boss Ales is a complete arse. Alex is sexy and frustrating at the same time. At one point he was the lead singer of Steel Roses. Being true to the rocker persona Alex is all about sex and drugs, he’s been on this downward spiral, but appearances are never what they seem to be.

Sparks began to fly immediately when these two crossed paths and of course there was never a dull moment. Making Wonderlust very difficult to put down. The story is told from Natasha’s POV and considering I’m more of a dual POV fan I still enjoyed every minute. The story is written at the whirlwind pace that keeps your heart pumping, awaiting the next moment.moment. Wonderlust has it all romance that gives that warm butterfly feeling, and drama and sometimes when it occurred it was slightly over the top. While B.L. Wilde was gracious enough not to leave us with a cliffhanger, she did leave high hopes of a continuation.

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