Book Review: Boned On Bluecreek (Back Roads #2) by Moxie Darling

Boned On Bluecreek - Moxie Darling
Published: July 30, 2015
Series: Back Roads #2
Genre:Adult, Erotic, Romance, Contemporary

When Willow Spencer receives an intriguing letter from her best friend, she heads to West Virginia with only a suitcase and a lust for adventure. Agreeing to live with a man you’ve never met and be nanny to his three children is a little dangerous and a lot of crazy. In other words? Just what she needs. A wild child at heart, Willow leaves life as she knows it behind without a backwards glance. But when she arrives at the rundown trailer deep in backwoods territory and meets the rough, practically mute mountain man who seems immune to her flirtatious charm, she begins to doubt her decision and her sanity.

(Disclaimer: this novella is for adults only. It contains explicit sex scenes, rough sex, sex with strangers, and sexual situations some might find offensive.)

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I had mixed feeling after reading the second installment of the Back Roads , Boned On Bluecreek. While I enjoyed the story I also felt there could have been more. More pages, more of that mmm lip biting goodness that hooked me while reading Penetrated On Ponetown.

So it would seem that hippie girls have a thing for bearded guy in BFM. I’m not sure I see the appeal, but I may just need some extra time. Bored with her current situation Willow accepts an to help a widower maintain his home and care for his children.

Willow comes from the same community as Clover whom we met in POP. Willow has a very free and loves to be love. I’m sure this girl has never met a man that she couldn’t get under until she met Teddy, who’s still mourning the loss of his wife and mother of his children. The memory of her still has a strong hold on him preventing him from moving on. His loyality to his deceased wife kinda of made it difficult for him to even be polite to Willow, at time I felt bad for her.

Of course it didn’t take long for hormones to rage, tt should go without saying that the attraction factor was definitely already there.While Teddy gave his all to maintain his distance from Willow, it only took the thought of another possibly having her to give him that jealousy itch.

Again as the relationship was starting to built and things were really starting to get good the story was over. I honestly believe this one could have been a few chapters and would have been a n amazing read. Despite the quick pages,Moxie Darling still managed to created another steamy read that should be savored.

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