Guess who's Got a Fitbit

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This chick right here and I absolutely love it. After doing much research on this little gadget I said I wouldn’t get one until I completed 6 continuous month of working out without falling off track, but I couldn’t help myself I had to have it. This thing motivates you to get all of your steps and flights of stairs, its crazy. I’m still having issues with logging my food, but that also goes to say I still enjoy eating crap. I’ll get better *pinky swear*.

 photo tumblr_ng3eywRgC41sy3mhho1_1280_zpsbygarroz.jpgMy current workout consist of alternating Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs and 6 weeks 6 pack abs. I’ve also added an arm workout (Tank Top Arms part 1 &2 )from Fitness Blender and cardio consisting of either the elliptical or walking. So far I’ve completed 2 intense weeks. I still fall behind and need to do the modified version there are a few moves that I have to do a modification of the modified version and I’m ok with that.

When it was time to begin level 2 of KBT something happened with my back throwing me off my workout game. I tried toning things down and down walk dvds but even that brought tears to my eyes, so I opted for stretching just to keep the I’m moving momentum.

I haven’t weighed myself in awhile mainly because I know nothing has truly changed. My current plan is just to stay consistent with my workout and continue to finds healthier recipes that I enjoy.

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