Cassie Leigh - Until Death Do Us Part Relase Blitz

Until Death Do Us Part - Cassie Leigh
Release Date: February 2, 2016
Series: Haunted Romance #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance Novella

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The veil between life and death will part to bring two souls together…

MILLIE was a lonely spirit with no one but her house to keep her company. That changed the day the
handsome new owner of her precious home moved in and said hello. She never thought she would have
a chance to fall in love again. Now she is chipping away at her past and turning away from the light she
thought she was waiting for. There is just one problem; the love of her afterlife is engaged.

NOAH and his fiancée are having trouble sharing a vision for a home to grow their future in. Lucky for
him the spirit in residence is on his side. Unlike his fiancée, Millie seems to like the changes and an
unlikely connection is kindled. Now he is holding out on the hope that their bond will not burn out
before their unlikely romance can ignite.

What Others Are Saying:

“Until Death Do Us Part is an enchanting love story. I was thoroughly engrossed in this fast-paced, 
unique ghost story.”  —Maggie Dallen, author of The Accidental Engagement

"This is a haunting tale of love and redemption. Cassie Leigh will win your heart, with this gorgeous, 
creative tale." —Eve Marie Perry, winner of the 2015 Avon Fanlit Contest hosted by Avon Books & 
2012 Golden Heart Finalist

About the Author

CASSIE LEIGH specializes in all things paranormal romance but holds a special place in her heart for a good ghost story. Her goal as a writer is to transform the trials and tribulations of family history and turn it on its head using the paranormal world of spirits, vampires, and were-animals. With the help of her husband, she carves out time to write while raising five children, working full time and obsessing over her midcentury modern dream home.
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