Book Review: Dirty Girl II by Allie Girl

Dirty Girl II by Allie Cooke 
Released Date: Mar. 29, 2016
Series: The Velvet #2
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica

About the book

Angus Boone is the devil.
He lured me in, but not with candy or treats. And like the devil, he saw what no one else did. All of my sins...all of the stains on my soul. And then he smiled.
I should have run...far far away. Instead I made a deal that changed us both forever.

***This is part two of a three-part serial***

Head's Up: This is an erotic romance with a heroine who knows her own mind, lots of adult content, graphic sexual situations, and harsh language. Intended for readers 18 + only.

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Of course things practically pick up where they left off, but vol.2 had a different feel versus vol.1. While the sexy was definitely there, Ms. Cooke also gave Boone and Charity’s story more depth.

When I read part 1 of Dirty Girl, like most individuals I just assumed these Boone and Charity had a thing for kink and control.While all of that is completely true, their issues goes deeper than than, it has this rawness to it. Both individuals have this dark cloud over their lives. Charity has mommy issues. Deep down so does Boone and adding to the complexity of this man he’s rather self conscious when it comes to one of his appendages and it not the one you’ll think of first.

I have high hopes for part 3 of Dirty Girl. No.1 I’m hoping that its release sooner rather than later No. 2 I NEED to learn more about Boone and what makes him ticked other than Charity.

There is no denying the chemistry between these two, even when Charity attempted to go against her true self and date the nice guy that’ll make her smile and open doors for her. It didn’t feel genuine and I feel bad for Jake, because I’m confident his feelings will somehow get hurt. Furthermore can the agreement Boone and Charity made with each other remain intake or will there be multiple revisions?

“...sometimes you have to make choices you don’t like. Sometimes you have to do hard things.”

The hardest thing you’ll experience when it comes to Allie Cooke’s Dirty Girl is putting it down and waiting for part 3. The story continues to be told from the POV of Boone and Charity. It’s fast paced, sexy and just can’t get enough. If you’re optimist that believe its possible two broken people can be each other’s unexpected second chance I urge you to get your hands on Dirty Girl and become seduced by the corruption.

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