Book Review: Honor Student by Teresa Mummert

378 Pages
Self Published by Teresa Mummert
Romance, Contemporary, New Adult, Erotic

Emma lives a very self-destructive life, barely making her way through college. Her world is turned upside down after meeting Mr. Honor, her new history teacher whose idea of discipline may be a little too much for Emma to handle. While trying to figure out their new relationship, they also have to deal with the very real possibility that someone has discovered their secret and is trying to hurt them. But Mr. Honor is keeping a few secrets of his own from Emma.


I read Honor Student while I was still on my FSOG high. I was quite surprised that this quick read was able to satisfy my fix. Honor Student had a few of my favorite things to keep my attention. The forbidden student / teacher romance factor, with a small splash of erotic behaviors, angst and drama. I was able to devour this in a matter of a few hours.

Honor Student is the POV of 21 year-old college student Emma Townsend , who I feel compelled to say appears to be more high like than college age. Anyway she recently moved to Florida from Michigan to live with her aunt after the death of her parents. She has about two months left until she completes her degree and she hates where she is. The entire time I'm asking myself why doesn't she just leave, she's an adult. On one fateful day she comes to call and learns that her current professor has be replaced by Mr. Honor.

William Honor is young, smart and sexy. I'm not exactly sure what drew him to Emma, but the day she attends his class late, really gets his attention. Same day he catches her in the bathroom smoking takes her back to his class and punishes her. Apparently, he could see that Emma needed discipline. Not to say that William doesn't have his share of issues, this man has a vindictive ex-wife that what's money to go away and a clingy fling who happens to be married. He's messy to say the least.

The pace of their relationship progress faster than anything imaginable. There were times that I had to go back because I thought I missed something. One of my irritation was with William is that if he felt so strong about Emma he was so cold towards her at times. Emma's excessive crying and running drove me over the end . I just wanted her to grow up or get over him.

While I did enjoy Honor Student mainly because of the student / teacher romance factor, I did find a few flaws with the story line and the characters. On some level I did not feel that this story was plausible only because of the juvenile way everyone appeared. I couldn't wrap my head around it.  Although, these few things it did bring a get deal of irritation, I was still able to enjoy the story that Ms. Mummert was able to share. Will I read the follow up to Honor Student, of course, especially since I was left with a cliffhanger can't missed what's going to happen next.

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