Fitness Friday #2

So this week felt like a complete bust, I mean I’m even late getting this post up. My morning was NOT done AT ALL, but I did add my challenges to my evening workout that I did get end except for 2 days ( Friday b/c our water heater went out and I DID NOT want to take a cold shower, Saturday is hair day and that’s a beast all in it self ). Today, Sunday I did get my morning routine in before finishing my hair it felt so good to get in. This week will be my last week with Level 2 of 30 day shred, while I’m getting better at the workout I still have to pause every so often and catch my breathe. I also take my time with the lunges b/c my knees suck, but that’s been my life story, I really should have a doctor check them out butttttt I’m not at that point yet.

So the scale has not moved at all this week, but my measurements did a little drum roll pls ….

Chest 38’
Arms: L 12 / R 12
Waist 39.5
Hips 39.5
Thighs L 20 / R 20
Calves L 14 / R 14

With that I've lost ½ inches in my waist, hips, thighs ...not bad I think. Over I do honestly feel good about myself. Not to mention I've already said that this is NOT going to be about the scale and I currently do not have a desired weight. I just want to feel good in the skin I’m in.

we heart it
we heart it

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