Fitness Friday#4

I have one major question how do other bloggers that are mothers fine time to make posts, fit a workout in, help with homework, get dinner done, maybe read a book, and not become overwhelmed. I understand a great deal of it has to do with time management, but I feel as if I’m missing a few hours of my day after work and I want it back. Granted I understand there are times when life throws everything off because of a program, or a big project, or really anything when it comes to managing a family, but I still would like to know its done.

With all of the being said I want to say that February was a complete bust for working out. Part of it was taking care of my family there was a plague of strep throat, my mother’s vehicle was totaled so she needed assistance with transportation nothing went according to plan. The other part of the fitness fail was i attempted too much at one time so I decide to do every 30 day challenge by Jodi Higgs at the same time in the beginning it was ok and it fit my schedule, but as the days progress so did the amount and the time. I just couldn’t keep up and I was ok with that. From the beginning I knew I could and only wanted to devout 1hour to working out for a few reasons the first being I don't want to burn out and give up and second I have other obligations in my home. Giving myself 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening seemed like a good fit for me, maybe when my family needs me less and I get more fit maybe I can go longer.

So for the month of March I’m starting fresh with a new look at things and a realistic idea that sometimes I may have to miss a work because of whatever and that’s ok.Here’s a look at my morning routine which I clocked at about 1hr and 15min give or take

FitnessBlender warm-up (on YouTube there are 4 to choose from lasting about 5mins)
2 rounds of Tabata routines I got from Pinterest (its like 4 minutes each and gets the heart rate up)
I’m also doing the BeFit 30day Buttlift ( the workouts are about 10 minutes long which again is NOT bad)
30 day LBD challenge which I found on Pinterest ( each day there’s 3 exercise to do which “in my mind” shound NOT take more than 5-10)
ButtBible workout - videos found on YouTube ( level 1 is about 20 mins, level 2 is 30, level 3 is about 40 minutes.) - Each level for this is about two weeks long and I will adjust as necessary so that I have enough time to put little ppl on the bus before I have to walk out the door myself.

My evening is as follows
2 rounds of Tabata

Blogilates - Fitness YouTuber ( I kept saying I want to complete one of her calendars and I putting that in motion each day she works a different part of the body workout last about 45min - 1hr but videos are about 5- 10 minutes long). Not only am I doing her March workout, but also the Thigh challeage as well.

Almost forgot my measurements

Bust 39
Arms L:13 / R: 13
Waist 41
Hips 41
Thighs L: 23 / R:23

I’ve gained the inches that I lost back and finally did my thighs correctly so fingers crossed that I can manage this month.

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