Body of Law (Body of Law #2) by Amanda Lance

Body of Law - Amanda Lance
Released: Feburary 5, 2015
Series: Body of Law #2
Genre:New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
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She turned me into a criminal…

She corrupted my practical line of thinking by being uncommonly beautiful and so much more interesting than I expected. It’s too bad she wasn’t just someone else—someone who wasn’t swimming with brilliance. She had the uncanny talent to make me feel—well, to make me feel anything at all—something no other woman had ever done before.

I hate her for it, and yet I can’t throw her away like all the other women before. Still, with criminal charges pending against me I’ll have to forget all about the intern who stole my heart.

She should have just stayed off limits.
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I’m not sure if it's the major gap I allowed since reading part one until now, but while reading
Body of Law #2 I felt this disconnect from the characters.’m not sure how to explain it.

Of course since we were given a mean cliffhanger, things pick up exactly where the fell of at and Sebastian is in jail due to assaulting a douche that assaulted Violet. Everyone seems to be keeping status quo, Sebastian continues to be an ass hat and Violet still has aggravating inexperience to life and when BS is being presented. Which makes me question how is she ever going to be a lawyer.

Still Amanda Lance was able to write a very entertaining even when the characters are being flawed. The office drama and the tension between Sebastian and Violet keeps me wanting more. The cliffhangers are making me crazy, only because of the love hate relationship. Fingers crossed that part 3 wraps everything up in a pleasing manner, without the rush or another cliffhanger.

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