Back to Back (Behind Your Back #2) by Chelsea M. Cameron

Back to Back - Chelsea M. Cameron
Released: June 9, 2015
Series: Back to Back # 2
Genre: NA, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

He underestimated me.
The girl with the red hair and green eyes.
But I also underestimated him.
We’re both good at what we do.
Together, we’re unstoppable.
But I’ll have to be careful.
Last time I played him and he's not going to take the betrayal lightly.
I'll have to watch my back... and my heart.

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After reading the epilogue to Behind Your Back to say that I was excited to get my hands on Back to Back was an understatement. Especially with that jaw dropper that I was left with. Well that excitement unfortunately did not last long. For some reason everything dragged for me, I’m not sure if the timing was just wrong or if I had my hopes too high. I don’t know.

Things pick up where Behind Your Back leaves off and the story is told from Saige’s POV, which at times I felt a tad cheated, because it felt like I was still get Sylas’s story just from her view. I wanted to learn more about this mystery girl that was able to con a con man.

The unraveling of Sylas was something that I didn’t care for, I felt that it was a bit much. Their relationship started to become this borderline dependent someone should stop this before it becomes toxic type. Where he would lose control and she would use her body”sex” to soothe hi, not the best tactic, when this guy clearly needs to sit on someone’s black couch.

I did enjoyed the us against everything bond that they had. No matter what obstacle they face they knew they wanted each other. Honestly, I wished more questions were answered, things just felt unfinished.

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