Fitness Friday #7

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Soooo it's been a super long time since I’ve said anything about my fitness journey, but what I can say I’m trying. For the most part it's been difficult to sit down and type things out, although I can plan it out in my head. Now that the kids are on summer break and graduation parties are done, I’m hoping to have more time to myself or at least time to figure out a life schedule.

One workout at a time photo images 1_zpssx73uhvu.jpgRecently I started doing a workout that I’ve wanted to do ever since I had Exercisetv which is no longer exist. I’m currently working Chris Freytag’s 10lb Slimdown (not the Xtreme). I was lucky enough to find the workouts on Youtube. While I would consider this workout to be low impact, it is also kicking my butt. The workout consist of five 20 minute videos: Upper, Lower, Core Total body, and Yoga. I’ve been pairing these workout with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Workout the (free week),I found her workouts on Pinterest while looking up HiiT and Tabata workouts.

So anyway Kayla’s Bikini Body workout consists of 2 circuits with 4 exercises, each circuit is to be completed 2 times within 7 minutes twice making it 28 minutes of hard work. Confession I have yet to complete that 28 minutes, currently I’ve been only able to make it through both circuits once and I just set my HIIT timer for 45secs with a 10 sec rest because I always lose count and so this is what works for me.

Don't Quit photo download_zpsvqnih0so.jpgI haven’t really been tracking my weight so much mainly because it puts me in a mood when the scale doesn’t reflect all of the sweating I’ve been done. I’m sure my eating habits play a major factor, but honestly my goal is not to be skinny. Currently my current goal is to just stay consistent and ultimately feel good in the skin that I’m in. What I have notice with working out is that my stress levels have went down and my anxiety is no longer taking over my life. So for me that’s a major win.

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