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No More Birthdays by Lissa Pelzer
Published:Aug. 31, 2015
(Carol Ann Baker #1)
Genres: New Adult, Thriller
About the Book

At a film festival in a small mid-western city, runaway teenager, Lilly has come looking for old boy, Bobby. He’s a dangerous man with powerful connections, but he owes her money and she’s desperate enough to come looking for it. In this Southern Ohio based crime novel, everyone’s got secrets. But Lilly’s about to find out, the worst type of secret its the one you keep from yourself.

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Desperate, impulsive and self-centered are just a few adjectives that comes to mind regarding Lilley / Carol Ann. Not completely convinced if the streets made her that way or it's just her nature. Reading No More Birthdays put me in the mind set of Pretty Little Liars, where I was thinking if you just tell the truth and stop doing things on impulse things could get better. If that was to happen, unfortunately there would not be a story.

Runaway teen, Lilly is a complete trainwreck. On the trail of someone for her past she lands in a no name town with only a few bucks to her name or a place to stay in hopes to collect what's she owed. Normally I'm firm believer that if you do the work you should get paid. Although there are situations that you should just walk away from.Her actions made me crazy. I wanted to scream “Stop! What are you doing?” I wish she would allow someone to either help her or somehow forcibly get help.

I’m not sure what caught my attention first the updated cover or the blurb, but I knew I had to give Lissa Pelzer writing a try. The story flowed smoothly and while sometimes annoyed I remained on edge until the last page. No more Birthdays is told solely from Lilly’s POV, which is normally not my thing. I’m convinced it worked for me because of all of the nonsense that was going on.

While the story doesn't necessarily leave you with a cliffhanger,which I'm rather pleased with. You are left with a “what just happened moment” and for that I will be in full attendance for the follow up Dead Memories

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Lissa Pelzer is a Crime Novel and Short Story Writer.
She lives in Germany with her husband and young son.
She’s lived all over the world and is on a mission to write a crime story based in each one.
It might take a while….

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