Fitness Friday #5

I am NOT going to lie, I suck. Majorly. For some reason I will start strong on whatever adventure/ journey I begin, but at some point I allow life and myself get in the way. That’s when things fall apart. I will admit I did have a few valid obstacles come up that prevented my workout like going to college visits for the kids and since we have to travel that morning time is NOT on my side.
My current workout situation is as follows in the morning I will warm up consistent in of a morning turbo by workout labs, followed by 1 of 4 Tabata routines, not sure  why I like these so much. Then on to little black dress challenge by 30 day challenge, while this is 3 days on 1 day rest as the days progress it's challenging. Afterwards my real workout starts with Level 2 of the Buttbible hosted by Paula Norden sadly her voice still annoys me. Oh I forgot before this I'm also doing Befit 30 day Buttlift again while most of the videos are only 10 mins you work the entire time.

My afternoon workout is not going so well basically due to life happening. Kids sports, teacher conferences, not to mention I’ve been getting these headaches in the afternoon towards the ends of work and the normal OTC stuff is NOT easing the pain. I probably should get that checked out . When I do get to workout I’ve been following Blogilates monthly workout calendar and it hurts. Alot and there’s no equipment either. I’ve never realize how heavy my leg was. I will admit her daily workouts consist of 5 or so workout everything is about 1hr long and sometimes ( I mean most of the time) I do not have the endurance to do them all. I guess I’m still ok with that I’m still working on my progress.

Going forward my new goal is just to keep going and not allow myself to make excuses. I just need to continue to be a better me. One thing I will say I am starting to feel more comfortable in my skin, its not 100% or even 50,but its getting there as I progress

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